Welcome to VETERANS’ OUTREACH Internet Community!

Veterans’ Outreach is proud to finally have a multi-faceted presence on the World Wide Web. We hope that you enjoy your visit while you learn about us and scan through all that this site has to offer, such as the news links, corporate gallery, store depot, veterans services, and so on. Veterans’ Outreach, with this site, will finally be able to reach out to wherever there are AMERICAN VETERANS, to offer a “beacon of hope”, a flame in the night, to our vets in need. We hope to inspire, connect, and help transform a bad situation into a managed opportunity.

The development of this Internet project will be an ongoing work in progress. It will be a place where the world of our military, our veterans, and loved ones can come together and be united stronger than ever in “serving and honoring” all of America’s heroes!

Website Under Construction

In 2015, we…

  • Published one Veteran’s case per week on our site and Facebook page.
  • Provided shelter to homeless veterans.
  • Helped with emergency assistance for veterans in crisis.
  • Provided employment referrals for jobs that can support a family.
  • Employed hundreds of veterans through our Workforce Program.
  • Sponsored free dental care for veterans in collaboration with Aspen Dental.
  • Donated food and clothing to more than 10,000 veterans via community efforts.
  • Opened a food bank in the Grayson office funded by KY Veterans Affairs.
  • Hosted a Stand down.
  • Hosted a Produce Giveaway for veterans of over 6,000 lbs. of produce.
  • Hosted a Christmas gift program for children of veterans.
  • Continued to register WWII veterans for the Registry of Remembrances.
  • Recorded more sales of Home Free, our patriotic CD  than in the last 10 years.   
  • Had community groups host fundraising events.
  • Had more than 1,000 visitors per month on our website.
  • Increased our Facebook page to over 13,000 likes.

Case of the Week – Sarasota FL

This Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota FL office as written by our Regional Manager, Bob...
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Case of the Week – Sarasota FL

A veteran came to see us that cannot work with 60% service related disability. He suffers from...
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Case of the Week – Liberty, OH

This week, we bring you the “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty,...
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Case of the Week – Sarasota FL

Our “Case of the Week” comes from our Sarasota FL office.  Regional Manager Bob Graham...
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We provide financial assistance for a variety of needs determined through assessment interviews.  We maintain an “Outreach Program” for individuals who can not meet mainstream society work demands due to mental, emotional, or physical problems.  This program serves a tri-fold purpose.  It enables a veteran to earn much needed wages while going through personal issues that prohibit a mainstream position.  This program brings awareness to the public of our charitable mission and services, and it is a source of fundraising.


We work with other organizations and agencies that provide aid to veterans in need in order to reach the most beneficial arrangement for each veteran.  We make and receive referrals from several VA offices, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Rescue Missions, and other local agencies.  Here is an illustration of how we network.  The VA Clinic might refer a homeless veteran to us for temporary shelter while they prepare a slot at a rehabilitation center or hospital.