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July 28, 1865 -14th Amendment adopted
July 29, 1945 - Japanese sink the USS Indianapolis 
July 30, 1915 - World War I Battle of Hooge
July 31 1965 - Vietnam agreement on conduct of war
August 1, 1914 - First World War erupts in Europe
August 2, 1964 -North Vietnamese torpedo boats attack U.S. destroyer
August 3, 1914 - Germany and France declare war on each other




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We provide aid to veterans and their families.  Direct aid needs addressed have included, but are not limited to shelter, rent, utilities, food, auto repair, clothing, relocation, insurances, and so on depending upon each veterans‘ most immediate need.

Only through the generous donations of those who are proud and supportive of this country’s military have we been able to reach out to vast numbers of veterans.  Each year, the number of times that we are able to assist veterans has grown significantly.  In 2007, we helped 895 times.  In 2008, we helped 1,204 times.  In 2009, we were able to assist veterans 1,795 times.  In 2010, we are proud to state that we helped veterans 2,676 times.  For 2011, we provided assistance to veterans 3,142 times.

All of our offices are equipped to meet with veterans in need.  Our corporate office had 3,128 visitors in 2011.

We are supported by a group comprised of veterans and veterans’ supporters all sharing the patriotic spirit of supporting this country and its’ service men and women.   As of year-end 2011, we have over 6,700 member sponsors.

We are a member of the National WWII Memorial Society.  We have registered thousands of veterans, whether living or deceased, for the Registry of Remembrances at the memorial in Arlington, Virginia.

We have made grants to other organizations that reach out to veterans such as Honor Flight Network, United States Veterans Relief Organization, Second Harvest, USO, VFW’s, Toys for Tots, VA Stand-downs, and others as we are learn about them.

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