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February 08, 1918 – The Army newspaper, “The Stars and Stripes”, begins publication for a second time.
February 09, 2003 - Operation Eagle Fury, a military operation led by the United States in Afghanistan involving Bravo Company, 2nd BN, 7th SFG(A) US Army Special Forces, and USN SEALs, members of the QRF 82nd Airborne Division, and loyal Afghan fighters through 28 February, began
February 10, 2007 -  David Petraeus was made commander of Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I), the four-star post that oversees all coalition forces in country, replacing General George Casey. 
February 11, 1962 -  Nine U.S. and South Vietnamese crewmen are killed in a SC-47 crash about 70 miles north of Saigon.
February 12, 1935 -  The USS Macon, the last U.S. Navy dirigible, crashed on its 55th flight off the coast of California, killing two people.
February 13, 1943 - The U.S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve was formed.
February 14, 1962 - President John F. Kennedy authorizes U.S. military advisors in Vietnam to return fire if fired upon.




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As we enter another new year, we are proud to state that we have been in the business of helping veterans for over 22 years.  We are honored to have met so many heroes.  In 2015, we settled into our new corporate home in Liberty Township Ohio.  We started with 1 small office in 1 state to 5 full service offices in multiple states.  The move has been significant in so many ways – we now have enough space to meet our needs and develop more programs for veterans, the heroes that we serve.


We are grateful for and humbled by the generous donations of those who are proud and supportive of this country’s military.  Because of you , we have made great strides, including helping veterans more than 21,000 times since we began our mission.


In 2015, we . . .


¨     Published one Veteran's case per week on our site and Facebook page.

¨     Provided shelter to homeless veterans. 

¨     Helped with emergency assistance for veterans in crisis.

¨     Provided employment referrals for jobs that can support a family. 

¨     Employed hundreds of veterans through our Workforce Program. 

¨     Sponsored free dental care for veterans in collaboration with Aspen Dental.

¨     Donated food and clothing to more than 10,000 veterans via community efforts. 

¨     Opened a food bank in the Grayson office funded by KY Veterans Affairs.

¨     Hosted a Stand down.

¨     Hosted a Produce Giveaway for veterans of over 6,000 lbs. of produce.

¨     Hosted a Christmas gift program for children of veterans.

¨     Continued to register WWII veterans for the Registry of Remembrances.

¨     Recorded more sales of Home Free, our patriotic CD  than in the last 10 years.   

¨     Had community groups host fundraising events.

¨     Had more than 1,000 visitors per month on our website. 

¨     Increased our Facebook page to over 13,000 likes. 


We believe patriotism is on the rise in this country and we plan to continue serving and honoring veterans with a passion that attempts to mirror the selfless sacrifices that service men and women make every day. 


                                                GOD BLESS THE USA!

    Assisted veterans 4,221 times throughout the regions we serve through our offices, website, and referrals from other agencies, and over the phone. 


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