Veterans’ Outreach is a non-profit charitable organization since 1994.  Over the last 30 years, we have helped veterans more than 150,000 times.  Our motto is to “respectfully serve and honor all veterans”.  Vets have said “Veterans’ Outreach is a safe place, a place where they always leave with their dignity.”

We are registered through the IRS with a 501(C)(3) determination, the Department of State, and other government agencies as required by law. We are registered to do business in 6 states including Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Our corporate office is in Youngstown, OH. We have regional offices in Pinellas Park, FL, Grayson, KY, and Hartselle, AL.

We are a unique service organization comprised of veterans and non-veterans, all sharing the common goal to serve and honor all veterans. Veterans contact us daily with problems concerning housing, utilities, auto repair, and a variety of other needs. For the majority of cases, we are able to provide some kind of immediate relief. We are known for eliminating red tape. We see it as very, very basic. These fine Americans served our country, and we owe them our gratitude, support, and our help. We believe that all veterans, regardless of whether they served in active duty or here at home are entitled to our appreciation and we pledge to serve and honor them for their selfless sacrifice and service.

The Veterans’ Outreach Board of Directors guides our staff, volunteers, sponsors, and members. We are affiliated with many like-minded agencies to develop the best solutions for veterans’ problems without duplicating services. We do not receive any government grants, we raise all funds ourselves through our own programs, corporate and foundation grants, online donations, and patriotic CD sales.