The Heat is ON!

This week our “Case of the Week” comes from our KY Office. Many people came together to gift a new HVAC system to a veteran and his family. Over a year ago, Veterans’ Outreach was contacted by ARS/Rescue Rooter. They were interested in getting leads from us for a veteran that needed a new HVAC house system

In Return for Water, A Home

Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by Jan Worrel, our Event Coordinator there. We had a homeless veteran call us that needed help with their water deposit. They had been working with Omar at Bay Pines Hud Vash to find a house or apartment. Omar was able to find a

The First Place to Call

The First Place to Call Today’s Case of the Week was written by our Florida Regional Manager, Bob Graham. The landlord of an apartment complex extensively used by the VA housing program approached our Sarasota office. A veteran housed in the apartment cannot find a job and by terms of the agreement between the apartment