December Introduction Newsletter

Hey Folks, Merry Christmas to all! has been one “Hell” of a year, God Bless us all, as we continue to try to survive.  At this point, we have lost 1/2 as many loved ones as we lost during WWII!  The Christmas Cheers will be labored, the Merry Christmas greetings will be muted from our

The Blood, the Guts, and the GLORY?

John’s Editorial The Blood, the Guts, and the GLORY? Most Americans have stories to tell about personal experiences or of a loved one’s service to our country.  However, many stories won’t be told and we will never know the true essence of what happened that kept us all safe from tyranny. The IMPACT of war

“Politics” Is A Dirty Word

Politics can be traced as far back as Aristotle, the “Father of Political Science”.  The very definition of politics is about people making agreements so that they can live together in groups such as tribes, cities, or countries and all share benefit from those agreements.  The problem is that we all think we know best.    Perhaps we should

Happy 97th Birthday Crazy Joe

  Happy 97th Birthday Crazy Joe A Great Milestone for about anyone. Joe Lavinger, A WWII Veteran, was at the Normandy Invasion. He was helping to clear the mines in a mine sweeper called the USS Steady. After the War, he became a comedian and had his own band for 57 years. After that career…he