This case of the week comes from our Sarasota, FL office.
A Sarasota- based wife of a veteran we had assisted many years ago, approached us to help on overdue rent. Her husband is unfortunately bedridden with Lou Gehrig’s disease due to radiation exposure from his time training overseas. The VA agrees and believes the radiation exposure is how he came down with this horrible illness. Due to this, he is 100% disabled.
He requires full-time help so his wife cannot work nor, of course, can he. They owe a substantial portion of last month’s rent and we were able to assist out of our Emergency Fund to keep the roof over their heads. Both feel a great deal better as they head into this Christmas season!
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office!
Recently the Sarasota office was contacted by a veteran in desperate need. He is 100% disabled due to a broken neck. The 1st vertebrae is fractured and the location of it makes it much too dangerous to treat. Due to this, he cannot work.
He is currently in the process of applying for more social security benefits to help him live a better life, but that takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, he has been unable to pay his power bill.
We are so glad he contacted us. We are guaranteeing to keep his power on and he could not be more grateful. We are so happy to help!

A veteran contacted us through our website.  He has had a hard road and asked for some help to straighten his path to independent living.  Many years ago, undiagnosed issues led him to activity that led him to jail.  After serving his time, medical and psychological treatment for severe PTSD, he got assistance from Veterans’ Outreach with a deposit for a new apartment.  He kept that apartment for over 3 years.

Recently, his son moved out, and his voucher amount was changed.  He lost his apartment and has been homeless.  He contacted us again and was turned down due to a snag in our system. However, he persisted in a calm and respectful way.  After further investigation, we were able to help him with the deposit for a new apartment.  He expressed his gratitude with these words, “thank you and the entire staff for believing in the veteran, it meant so much to me that you gave me a second chance.  I promise to give it my all.”

He has taken a “really messed up” life and changed it to a life with hope because he took the initiative to accept responsibility for his life.

Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Grayson, KY office.
We had a Vietnam Veteran walk into the office and told us he had bought his own piece of land and built a tiny home on it. He went all last winter with no heat except for a small space heater. He was scared and concerned that this winter he could freeze to death. He asked us for any help we could give.
We pulled some of our veteran resources and we were able to put him in touch with a fellow electrician. It just so happens that this electrician gave one of our outreach representatives his card just a couple weeks ago. The electrician said he was happy to go help this Vietnam Veteran and do all the work for free! He even hung his drywall for him.
With the electric being up to code, he will be able to get propane installed. We also gave him a box of food and invited him back each month to get another box from our pantry to help get him through this tough winter. He was so happy he was in tears. We are so glad that this Hero won’t have to worry this winter about heat or food.
This week’s Case of the Week comes from our Hartselle, AL office. 
We recently had a veteran stop by to say hello and see what we are all about because he happened to see our sign along the road. After some good conversation, we came to find out that he had been paying out of pocket for his medication from a private doctor for the past 11 years since he had gotten back from the War on Terror. 
He explained to us that it was costing him upwards of $500 dollars per month. Imagine that; $66,000 dollars plus out of his pocket! At our urging, he made an appointment with the VA in Huntsville to get re-evaluated and to get his prescription from the VA. He willingly showed me his doctor’s evaluation and the symptoms of PTSD jumped off the page to me. I am no doctor but I am very familiar with PTSD. I asked him to please stop by after his appointment so we could keep up with his progress. We hope he does!
This week’s “Case of the Week” comes from our Sarasota, FL office.
We were contacted by a Vietnam-era veteran after he met one of our outreach representatives this past weekend. This Vietnam Veteran was temporarily housed in a VA domiciliary with, subsequently, admitted, serious water contamination problems (toxic mold exposure), generating serious health issues which the VA unfortunately misdiagnosed and wrongly treated. VA will not now admit culpability, but this veteran is, unfortunately, unable to work due to his serious health issues.
Due to this, he fell behind on his electric bill. This veteran felt beset by problems on all sides. Thankfully, we were able to step in and cover his power bill. One less worry so he can concentrate on his health issues and resolution with the VA. We are so pleased that we could help this veteran in need.
This week’s Case of the Week comes from our Hartselle, AL office.
A couple weeks ago, a man and wife stopped into our office in dire need of help. They have five kids and zero income. The gentleman explained that his IU benefits from the VA had been cut off. IU is short for Individual Unemployability, this I did not know.
He had changed addresses and somehow, his benefits were cut off. We immediately cut him a check for his utilities, which were about to be cut off, and talked with him and his wife about their situation.
In finding out more he stated that they were sent to us by the Morgan County Social Services, and that he had no idea that we were here. It is uplifting when you know that a county agency and Veterans’ Outreach can work together to the betterment of a veteran and his family. Before he left we gave him the hotline number to Trump’s veterans call center as it was instituted for cases such as these. The number is 1-855-948-2311, I have heard that it works, give it a try.
This week’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by the FL regional manager, Bob Graham. 
We were contacted by a veteran who had PTSD and just recently completed treatment.  The veteran and his wife have been homeless, but fortunately, they are getting some temporary shelter.  
Along with this, they have no money for food or other basic necessities. We are so happy they contacted our office. We were able to give to them a donated food card from Aldi which should buy them enough groceries for the next couple weeks while he starts a part-time job.
This week’s case comes from our Hartselle, AL office.
When talking with a veteran they found out that he was in dire straights and needed medical attention badly. Unfortunately, the only opening the VA had for him was in January of 2018. At that moment the Hartselle office took action. They told this individual that we would do all we can to help him. They contacted the VA in Huntsville and told us that he would have to go to the Birmingham VA as an “on call” patient. 
After deciding that this was not a feasible thing to do for this individual, the Hartselle office called the administration at the Huntsville VA and the regional director at which point only was only able to leave voicemails. So, they took it to Washington DC and called the VA admin there. The folks there were very helpful. Within 2 hours this veteran was receiving multiple phone calls from the VA and was able to secure an appointment. We are very happy with the outcome and it just shows that a little persistence goes a long way when it comes to helping anyone or anything in need.  

Today, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty Ohio. A veteran and his wife visited our office today, very distraught. Although they are a working couple, they had gotten behind with their water bill, and the utility had been shut off for a few days now. Other unforeseen issues had cropped up and depleted their funds.

The amount due was high. Bob, our Services Director, was able to negotiate with the water company to reduce the bill and get the reconnection fee waived. Veterans’ Outreach was able to pay a large portion of the bill and the water was turned on the same day. We were also able to give them a large tote of groceries as well. The couple was relieved, grateful, and eager to move forward with their lives.