Today, we share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota, FL office.

We were contacted by a veteran who has some employment but, with 3 children (ages 2, 4, and 6) when Hurricane Irma struck Tampa, she could not work (employed by Engineering Consulting Services to inspect and report on roadway asphalt and concrete problems) as her Day Care facility was forced to close. Her husband is in a treatment facility for a painkiller problem and she was evicted from her home for non-payment. She is temporarily staying with her sister-in-law, who also has 3 children, but she needs money for food, personal items like diapers, and gas. We were able to help her get back on her feet through a check from our Emergency Fund, and she is extremely grateful.

Today we bring you a “Case of the Week” from our Liberty Ohio office. A Navy veteran was referred to our office by another agency. A young lady, his girlfriend had dropped him off at our door. This veteran had been to many places seeking help, but none had been able to help him.

He had lost a lot of weight and didn’t have proper clothing for his workplace. He had recently secured employment that required casual dress. Bob Julian, our Services Director, asked one of our volunteers to help the veteran look through our “Hero’s Closet” clothing pantry. They found him several pairs of pants, shirts, and even some nice coats. We also gave him the large tote of groceries through our “Serve Veterans Now Food Pantry” (provided by a grant from WalMart Foundation) that would keep him in food for at least a couple of weeks.

In addition to all of that, we gave him a gift card for Walmart to purchase under clothes and a gas card to help get him around town. When his girlfriend returned, she asked him how it went. His response was “This is a 5 star place”.

Today, we share a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle AL office.

Last weekend, our “Outreach Program” was at a new fundraising location in Tuscumbia Alabama. The representative was setup with our signage on the table as required, when our guy was approached by a veteran in need. He had some questions, and needed help. The rep took the time to talk to the man and find out his concerns. He then gave the man our phone number and all our information. The veteran called on Monday and needed assistance with food, and Ms. Carol is on top of it. My point is, everyone went the extra mile to help out a veteran. Our “Outreach Program” at the venue did exactly what we hope for, we reached out to a specific veteran right there, right then. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Today, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Liberty Ohio office.

As background for this case, we remind our readers that our Ohio office helps veterans all across the state of Ohio. Recently, we were contacted through our website by an agency in Dayton Ohio.

The caseworker was trying to help a veteran that had recently moved to that area. He wasn’t eligible for assistance through the local VA agencies as he hadn’t lived there long enough. He had a job, but needed help with transportation to and from work.

We provided him with a 3 month bus pass and gift card for food. The veteran was very grateful, and excited for the new life he was building.

Today, we share a very touching “Case of the Week” from our Grayson KY office as told by Regional Manager, Tammy Black.

We were contacted by the daughter of a Veteran. She said that her dad was in bad health and lived in a trailer and had no air conditioner. Only a fan. He has COPD and other breathing issues. After talking with her a while I was able to talk to him as well. He was so humble. He said, “Ma’am, if you could just find me one to borrow I would give it back”. I said absolutely not. It is our honor to give back to you the way you gave to us. We drove over an hour to his local Walmart. He met us there and we were able to give this man an air conditioner. This is what makes our work so fulfilling. He just kept saying thank you. We told him and we want to tell all veterans thank you! Without you, none of us would be living the life we get to live. It truly was an honor.

Today, we want to share an event that helped 52 veterans as our “Case of the Week” that took place at our Grayson KY office. The event was documented by our Regional Manager, Tammy Black.

We had our food giveaway today and were able to give over 52 veterans a full box of food. We had volunteers help them out to their cars with the food. We were able to provide fresh produce, meat, bread, snacks, and non perishable items. It makes us to happy to be able to service this many veterans in one day! One veteran with six children said without Veterans’ Outreach that he wouldn’t be able to feed his family. We say our prayers and always thank God for Veterans’ Outreach at each meal. No Veteran should go hungry!

Today, we want to highlight a grateful veteran and his wife. This “Case of the Week” comes from our Liberty OH office as told by Teri Ely, Executive Director.

I met with Bob Julian, our Services Director, to discuss his recent case load. He shared with me a very touching Thank You card that had been mailed to our office.
The veteran could not afford new glasses, unless they used funds that were designated for their utilities and other household expenses. Bob was able to set him up with an eye exam, free glasses, help with fuel, and a tote bag of groceries from our Serve Veterans NOW Food Pantry program, made possible by Wal-mart Foundation. They were so grateful, they sent a card.

Today we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle AL office as told by Carol Wheeler, our Office Manager.

On Tuesday, the 11th of July, we had a Navy vet stop in who had fallen on hard times. He is a carpenter by trade and he had a partner who was in the landscaping business. The partnership fell apart and the landscaper absconded with all of his tools of the carpenter trade. He had no real way of making a living, he did have a temporary sign on his truck announcing that he was a veteran looking for work.

He had fallen behind on his truck payment and his phone had been turned off. He had no way of contacting his prior customers. He stated that when his ordeal started he weighed over 300 lbs. and was now down to 220. The majority of the weight loss was due to stress and not eating.

I quickly went to our food pantry and filled up a box of groceries, mostly food that did not have to be cooked. He then proceeded to consume various food items right in the office, it was clearly evident that he had not eaten in a while. We also supplied him with tooth brushes and pastes, as well as other toiletry items. We were able to make his truck payment and also donated a little gas money. We then directed him to the HUD/Veterans Affairs to possibly help him with his phone and housing.

Today, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota FL Office, as told by Bob Graham, our Regional Manager.

The daughter of a veteran approached Veterans’ Outreach for assistance on the suggestion of the Florida American Legion. Her father is at a point in life whereas he can no longer live on his own. He needs to enter an assisted living unit due to crippling heart disease and diabetes. He suffers these ailments as a result of Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam, and cannot function on his own. His daughter has been helping him but his problems are now such that she can no longer cope, and is trying to put together sufficient resources to help him on his rent – we were the first to quickly commit to assistance.