We would like to share a “Case of the Week” that really touched one of our volunteers’ hearts from our Liberty office.


A veteran came to our office after experiencing a devastating fire. He had been completely burned out and had absolutely nothing. He had never been here before, so we were able to set him up with a large tote of groceries that would last a couple of weeks – made possible by a grant from Walmart Foundation. We also were able to help him with clothing, our volunteer in the clothing pantry knew just where to look to find everything he needed.
The veteran was overwhelmed, couldn’t help but cry tears of gratitude.

This week, we bring you another “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota FL office.

Lights ON for Army Veteran Wife

A wife of an Army veteran, recently widowed, has not received any VA survivor benefit payments to date. The VA is garnishing them for disability “overpayment” to her husband in the past. Not surprisingly, she has fallen behind on her various bills. She has contacted a number of agencies all of whom said they couldn’t help until she was actually evicted from her home(!).

We stepped in on the most urgent, threatened power shutdown, paid the outstanding bill and provided an example to other agencies about assistance before being thrown out on the street.

Today, we share a “Case of the Week” from out Hartselle Alabama office, we call it:

Good Neighbors go the Extra Mile for Veterans

Last weekend, the Youth Group from Breakthrough Ministry and a neighbor, Connie Cobb launched their own food and funds drive to benefit Veterans’ outreach. They collected a pick up truckload of food. The also presented us with a check for $522 with more to come in.

They have also volunteered to come and help sort and stack the food items. The food pantry has served many veterans when they needed it most. The church is located adjacent to our parking lot and Ms. Cobb lives just across the street.

Talk about good neighbors going the extra mile for our veterans. Another selfless act in support of our nation’s heroes.

Today, we share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota FL office, we call it:

Prison PTSD Lingers for Veteran

A Navy Vet from northern Florida reached out for help. He served 6 years, including a tour in Guantanamo as a Hospital Corpsman during interrogation.

Not surprisingly, he has PTSD and has real difficulty dealing with his various issues. Recently laid off, he’s fallen behind on car payments and is close to having it repossessed. If he loses the car, he can’t take on a part-time job at FedEx which he’s been offered. We arranged and activated a payment which his lender said was sufficient to set up a new, and more affordable, payment plan – enabling him to take on the new job and meet that commitment!

Today, we share a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle Alabama office as told by Carol Wheeler, our Office Manager.

Last Tuesday, the 13th, a veteran was on his way to the local food bank to obtain aid. He happened to stop by Veterans’ Outreach to say hi to Mr. Bob and Ms. Carol. They learned that he has had a tough time recently, he is in his 60’s, disabled with lung issues, and his wife passed on a short time ago.

He was unaware that Veterans’ Outreach in Hartselle had groceries that have been provided by local churches and the good people of Hartselle. Ms. Carol set him up with the groceries that he needed. The veteran was very thankful that he did not have to continue his trek to the food bank, as it saved him approximately one mile of walking.

This week, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota Florida office. We want to show you a simple series of emails that allowed a veteran to get assistance with his utility bill and his note of gratitude.

(veteran’s email to FL Regional Manager)
Hello Bob,
Attached are the documents for help with my electric bill. I was referred to you by the Hud Vash Program.
Thank you
Ken D.

(FL office email back to veteran)
Ken: received the faxed documents and have called Duke to guarantee payment – wish we could do the whole amount, but we’re limited in our ability as we’re very small and want to help every vet w/a legitimate financial problem.

(veteran’s email to FL office)
Thank you so much God Bless you and your program. It’s truly a blessing.
Thank you
Ken D

Although we don’t know one another my heart said to let him know how thankful I am. I know that you’re collecting money, not cards but as a son of a veteran and from a family of veterans from WWI WWII Vietnam and Desert Storm I am thankful and proud to live in this great country. Thank you for your service and I’m glad you made it back home. My hope is one day veterans from past present and future will have the healthcare they deserve, a job to come home to and no worries of where they will lay their head each night. I will always stand and be proud of our military, we are the greatest nation in the world. Happy Memorial Day, Flag Day and Father’s Day.
God Bless each of our men and women Lord as they serve their time keeping our nation free. Look after them as they return home, go off to war and keep their families in your prayers.
A Proud American

Today, we highlight a “Case of the Week” from our Grayson, KY office. We call it “More Than He Expected”.

We had a veteran call the Grayson office for help. He served 17 years in the United States Army. He had been medically discharged due to injuries sustained in combat.

He requested our help with his electric bill. He has a few small children still at home and his disability just isn’t enough to keep food on the table. I am happy to say that we were able to assist to keep his electric on and also provide him with a job through our Outreach Program. He is so excited to get started and couldn’t thank us enough. We thank him for his service, and also for his eagerness to help other Veterans in need as well.

Today, our “Case of the Week” comes from our Sarasota FL office.

We were approached by a caseworker from the Viera, FL VA hospital. The veteran is 90% disabled, suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD and seriously behind on her bills. Separated from her husband who, since she has the above problems, has custody of their children but, with her pension payment, she is to pay child support which adds to the financial burden.

In the past the vet tried to take her own life, mutilated herself and overdosed, and reports her husband had sexually assaulted her. She’s behind on all bills and the caseworker is trying every possible source to assist – fearing that she will lose her car and therefore her remaining independence.

Veterans’ Outreach was asked to assist on the overdue car payment which we promptly did.

This week, we want to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle Alabama office as told by our Executive Director, Teri Ely.

This case reminds me of how Veterans’ Outreach really works as a family with our work environment dedicated to the veterans that we serve. We all step up when another needs our help. We received an email from a disabled veteran that had recently gone through a divorce. As a result of the divorce, he left his home in Ohio and moved to be with family in Alabama. He only brought his dogs and some clothes. Nothing else.

After he contacted our website, we were able to immediately put him in touch with our Hartselle Alabama office for direct assistance. He has been able to secure an apartment. The staff at the Hartselle office was able to give him 2 large boxes of food and a microwave. We are also helping him get his electricity turned on in his new place.

So, our family at Veterans’ Outreach was able to help this veteran as he moved to be closer to his birth family.