This week , we want to share a heart-warming “Case of the Week” from our Liberty OH office.  

A veteran came in to get help with groceries and bus passes.  He particularly needed the bus passes because he needed to get to the VA Clinic for medical concerns.  As Service Director Bob talked with the veteran, he asked him how he was feeling today.  The veteran said he wasn’t really feeling very well, that he had been losing blood and was getting very concerned.

As they talked, Bob decided that he would help this veteran a little more than we usually do.  He gave him a gift card for groceries, some bus passes, and a ride in his own car to the nearest VA medical facility.  The veteran was very grateful for the urgent care attention.

Today, we would like to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty OH.

Last week, a veteran came into our waiting room with such passion and exhilaration that he could hardly stay in a chair.  As he waited to see Services Director Bob, he told everyone in the waiting room that Bob had saved his life over and over.  He exclaimed that he had stopped by, not for help but to thank us, because we had already helped him so much.

A few weeks earlier he had come by to get help with food and bus passes.  He was very upset because a doctor had told him he would probably have to amputate his leg due to an infection that would not heal and was spreading.  Bob told him to ask for a referral to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion.  He did that, he went to the Cleveland Clinic and they were able to heal the wound.  He wanted to thank Bob and all of  Veterans’ Outreach for what we had done for him.  He was able to walk about because of the help we had given him, otherwise he would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Today, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle Alabama, office, it is more of a story, but you will enjoy.

A very young lady came into our office, she must have been around 11 years old.  She was concerned about veterans that don’t have enough to eat and she wanted to donate some food.  She had a bag with her and pulled out C-Rations that she had gathered, and said in a very sweet and caring tone that she wanted a veteran who had little to eat to have it.  Heartwarming to have that kind of mindset at such a young age – wonder what direction her life will take – odds are she will be involved with serving her country in some way.

Today, we have a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle Alabama office as told by Bob Wheeler, our Regional Manager there.

A veteran, a real gentleman came in this past week. Although he didn’t want to ask for help, he was really down and out and in need of a meal.  Our pantry was full, we were able to box up a generous supply of groceries immediately.  We also helped him fill out paper work for some assistance with his most immediate financial problems.

This week, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota office as told by Bob Graham, our Regional Manager.

My contact at Goodwill asked us to assist a 61 year old vet who recently was laid off when his cardiologist insisted – following his third heart problem – that he no longer do heavy lifting.  He’s fallen behind on his water bill since he’s lost that income with only a 10% service related disability and his wife has a low paying job.  In addition to themselves, they care for a 9 year old granddaughter as his wife’s daughter is – again – incarcerated and the father is unknown.  I guaranteed the overdue payment and he’s really grateful.

Another “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota FL office presented by Bob Graham, Regional Manager.

Thru referral from another agency, I was contacted by a vet – disabled from an auto accident and currently unable to work.  He takes care of a disabled 19 year old (“mental capacity of a 12 year old”)  granddaughter as both of her parents are in heroin rehab.  The veteran had put together all available funds to cover rent,  but now no food or $ for personal items until SS check in early Feb – so we helped him get over this short term hump.  He was very grateful and said he would help us in the future in any way he can.

Today, we highlight a case from our Sarasota FL office as presented by our Regional Manager Bob Graham.

Such a small request for so large a reason . . .

American Legion (Bradenton Post) called yesterday – advised me that they had been requested to help a veteran whom we had previously assisted – specifically to cover transportation to CW “Bill” Young VA Hospital (“Bay Pines”, St. Petersburg) at a cost of $35 but they cannot handle.  I was told the veteran would die if not promptly transported to the hospital so I covered the $35.

Today, we highlight a case from our Sarasota FL office as written by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham.

A female veteran approached us for assistance on utilities and miscellaneous expenses for new HUD-VASH supplied housing. She was previously homeless, had been confronted at gun point, beaten and “left for dead.” She is immensely grateful to the VA, of course, in getting a roof over her head. But, as we all know, the VA won’t assist on utilities and other allied financial obligations so that is where we come in and our help is making her very happy – first time in a long time!

The message we want to convey with this week’s “Case of the Week” is one of community support for the veterans near our Hartselle Alabama office.

This was submitted by our office in Hartselle. A local church called Break-thru Church is presently giving support to Veterans Outreach by collecting canned goods and other non-perishable items to enrich our pantry. We have often had veterans come by in desperate need of food. The pantry has been a lifeline to these veterans. They also support our mission with the goodwill they spread throughout the community in support of Veteran Outreach.

Our Case of the Week is brought to you from our Sarasota Florida office as told by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham.

On his case manager’s suggestion, Robert contacted us.  He, as well as another veteran down the street, have been targeted by vandals.  He is in a wheelchair and his spouse is also handicapped.  The most recent incident was a cinder block thrown through his windshield.  He needs the windshield replaced immediately in order to get to his medical appointments and other obligations. The lowest quote was $209, I am happy to tell you that we are sending a check in that amount.