Our “Case of the Week” comes from our Sarasota FL office.  Regional Manager Bob Graham shared with us…

A female veteran approached the Sarasota office for assistance on an overdue, and large, water bill.  She’s a single mom, past deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan with resulting service incurred disabilities and ailments –  including PTSD, depression/anxiety, shoulder and knee problems, and left foot broken in the last deployment w/residual pain.

Her case manager says that she’s a candidate for 100% disability and no way can she work – Ashley applied for disability pension in March 2012, suspended active follow up and began again in March, 2015.  She’s desperate for help.

Veterans’ Outreach guaranteed payment to the water company for as much as we can do, and have helped her find other sources for the balance.

She’s relieved!

Today, our Case of the Week highlights a veteran that visited our office in Decatur, Alabama. This following was written by staff at the office.

We had a Veteran call us today, really down and out. He had no money, no food and no place to stay, and little hope.  He has a check coming in on his disability this Wed.  but didn’t know what to do until then.  We asked if he could find a way to come into the office, and he said he would make a way.

He arrived being driven by a Decatur Police officer, who was trying to help him out. The Decatur team was able to provide him with a sack of groceries, and a motel room for three days until his check arrived.  The officer stated that he had no idea that Veterans Outreach was here, and that he was exceedingly glad as he runs into Veterans needing such assistance several times a week.

Thanks to our Decatur team, another alliance has been formed in the area to help veterans.

Today we bring you a case from our Decatur Alabama office, as written by Chuck from the Decatur office.

This week we had the widow of a veteran who asked for help with her utilities. She came in on Monday and submitted the paperwork, but did not tell us that she was due to be cut off the following day.

When we arrived at the office on Wednesday, there was a message from her that her lights had been cut off, and she was worried about her food and her Insulin, as she is a diabetic and it will ruin without refrigeration.

We phoned the utility, found out how much it would take to get her reconnected and took a check down to them right away. Her lights were restored that afternoon and she was extremely grateful that her food and medicine was saved.

Our highlighted case this week comes from Decatur Alabama. This should never happen. . .

Decatur office had a Veteran call today stating that he needs some help.  He is behind on his utility bill and fixing to be homeless.  His only income is SSI, and he is eating out of dumpsters to try to get by.  The amount he owes on to the utilities is $95.00.

We asked him to send in all his information and we would help, as well as call the utility company to stop any action against him.  Also, told him who to contact to receive help from HUD for housing, and gathered him a basket of food, soap, tooth-paste, toothbrush and canned soup to help him get by. Bob, the Regional Manager, called the utility company to avoid termination.

Our Decatur, Alabama office offers our readers the newest Case of the Week.

Written by our AL office staff: We just had a Veteran to call in requesting our help with temporary housing for himself and his wife, as they lost everything they own in a fire. He requested we line this up with the Salvation Army. After discussing with the Salvation Army, and we found that they would have to stay in separate dormitories which would cost twice as much.

We researched and negotiated with a local Motel and got them a room for a week with a kitchenette, which will help them with their food expenses as well.

The Veteran was overjoyed and thanked us several times..

Today, the Case of the Week that we want to share with you comes from our corporate headquarters in Liberty Ohio. Of the 99 veterans that we helped from this office last week, this one stood out.

A veteran was referred to us for help to get back home to North Carolina. He came to our area to attend truck driving school. He completed the training, but after several attempts was unable to pass the test due to poor backup skills. He was done, and needed to go home. He was out of money, and went to another agency to get help. They couldn’t help with a bus ticket, so they brought him to us. We purchased a Greyhound ticket for him. He came to us, not knowing what he was going to do.

Although the career choice didn’t work out, he left us with peace of mind that he could get home.