Lend an Ear to Help a Veteran

Today, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Alabama office.

Today, we had a local veteran stop by the office to say hello. He has been getting wave after wave of bad luck. His wife passed away recently from a serious illness. He is trying to sell his house and is getting no takers, will probably face foreclosure, and needs to buy a truck so he can relocate. He himself has had a serious illness that he has beaten.

I believe that he just wanted some company for a while so he could share what was happening in his life. He wasn’t asking for anything but time and an ear or two. We listened and talked for a while and our office manager Carol packed up about a weeks worth of food for him to take to the house. At times you wonder just how much a person can take and what may happen to them, especially if they don’t have someone to listen.