Never Leave a Brother Behind
Today’s “Case of the Week” comes from our corporate headquarters in Liberty twp., Youngstown Ohio as told by Teri Ely, our Executive Director.
I was recently contacted by a VA Caseworker about a veteran that she had been working with for quite a while. This veteran served in Germany and Italy with the Security Police. He is now suffering from PTS, anxiety, and depression. On top of that, he had a stroke. He was in a nursing home for rehab from the stroke. The Caseworker and other agencies were able to help him get moved into an assisted living facility. Her concern is that now her work with him is completed. 
He stays at his apartment most of the time due to his disabilities, he has no family, no friends. He is totally alone. She called me to ask if we knew of other veterans that would send him a card once in a while. I told some of our Veterans’ Outreach team about this veteran and they immediately said they would be contacting him, visiting him, and even spreading it to other veterans to join in. I was so touched by the quickness of their response, they didn’t even think about it. It was automatic to help a brother veteran because they never leave a brother behind.