No Idea Veterans’ Outreach Was Here

Today, our Case of the Week highlights a veteran that visited our office in Decatur, Alabama. This following was written by staff at the office.

We had a Veteran call us today, really down and out. He had no money, no food and no place to stay, and little hope.  He has a check coming in on his disability this Wed.  but didn’t know what to do until then.  We asked if he could find a way to come into the office, and he said he would make a way.

He arrived being driven by a Decatur Police officer, who was trying to help him out. The Decatur team was able to provide him with a sack of groceries, and a motel room for three days until his check arrived.  The officer stated that he had no idea that Veterans Outreach was here, and that he was exceedingly glad as he runs into Veterans needing such assistance several times a week.

Thanks to our Decatur team, another alliance has been formed in the area to help veterans.